Monday, June 21, 2010

Inspired by Dave Courchene By Neal Ryder

I just came across something we all can do that resonates so strongly with me.
"Get a bottle of clean water, hold it close to your hearts and offer a prayer. Through the Water, send a message of love and gratitude to the Earth, and to all water of the Earth that has been affected and contaminated. Send your love to the Water and to Mother Earth.
This strong love of Spirit that you will put into the Water will give strength to Mother Earth.
Go to your nearest body of Water - a creek, a stream, a river, a waterfall, lake or ocean, and pour your Water that you have blessed with your prayer of gratitude. It will be your spirit of love to the Earth that offers our best chance of survival."
From Dave Courchene of the Turtle Lodge
What if we include a vision that folds in nicely with this inspired call to action. Perhaps it will resonate with you as it does with me.
What if we blessed water monthly? Weekly? Daily? Quarterly? With the cycles of the moon? Whatever type of commitment makes sense to the individual. Across the planet those participating would be contributing individually but as a whole there would be a consistency of intention.
While not everyone lives near water, the intention of gratitude transcend physical limitations. This could be done wherever you live; city, plains, mountains, desert. The planet is a whole - water, oxygen, atmosphere, ice, land, plants, animals and human all are part of Planet Earth.
We can bless and pour the water on the land or in water. Be where you are, be with the intention of blessing. That blessing would be carried to the atmosphere as the water evaporates or would blend with water. That blessing could then be part of the rain as it falls to bless the planet, people, plants and animals. We might then absorb that blessing as we drink the water - same with the animals and plants. A cycle of blessing might be created. Our blessings would travel to all ecosystems carried by the winds that promote the general circulation of air on the planet.
Singular group actions carry weight. Consistency of action produces change. Consider it. Don't get caught by a belief in victimhood - which suggests we have no choice. We do. We can make a difference - link choice, intention and action. Our blessings can affect all of life in ways we can't imagine.
If you don't remember to do it every day, do it a few times a week, or weekly. It's about people sharing a common intention. If this resonates, simply make an effort and do the best you can. Collectively it makes a difference.
Neal is a gifted intuitive healer, inspirational author and global teacher who has dedicated his life and training to bringing forth the Divine Radiance in people - not in concept but as a state of being - which infuses his clients with healing, wholeness and celebration.
Neal offers a wealth of information through his blog, newsletter, articles, workshops, intensives, expansive programs and internet radio shows all drawn from the core content in his book, Living a Radiant Life: A Compassionate Compass To Unity and Wholeness.
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